Referencia: B07GS1LFHP
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  • This cup is designed to be the right size, with no dead ends and easy to clean.
  • This cup can withstand high temperatures and leaks, making it ideal for moisture retention during most activities.
  • Made of environmentally friendly plastic. Lightweight, durable and reusable. A plastic ring around the neck for easy carrying.
  • Easy to carry and easy to use. Perfectly fits your hand to help you hold the bottle better and drink easily.
  • The leak-proof bottle has a silicone gasket on the top and a leak-proof valve on the lid to prevent spillage. Even if the cap is opened upside down, it will not leak.
Tazas de agua de producto categoría: creativo
Estructura: de una sola capa
Patrón: Color sólido
Tamaño (altura, calibre): 20.6, boca ancha
capacidad: 450 ml

Olydmsky Plástico de Verano Copa Mano Copa al Aire Libre Copa náutica Agua Taza B07GS1LFHP

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